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Our Partners


Høgsbro+ is a consultancy firm, which was founded in 2016, and today comprises payroll experts, bookkeepers, optimization and HR employees. In addition to our professionalism, one of our most important set of values is proximity and direct communication with both colleagues and customers.


Edisconet is a single access platform for multiple learning paths created to support businesses through linking trainings to KPI performance. The platform integrates existing learning management systems and derives relationships between learning success and business impact by connecting, evaluating and analyzing relevant business data – a feature that makes it a unique solution in the whole e-learning market.


Adcura - we advise owners, investors and boards in the business of electronics and digital transition. With our network of international experts, we strive to make the world a better place by empowering people and organizations with a positive impact on our environment and social-economic life. adCura is about encouraging innovative solutions, showing sustainable results and providing opportunities for business and personal growth.

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