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    Automatic ESG Reporting made easy


    Save time and costs – let a software robot automize your ESG Report


    Minimizes the risk of manual entry by automating the collection and revision of ESG Data. It ensures consistent data collection across all report sections with minimal effort from your side.

    We capture all changes to ESG data in real-time and update the relevant charts automatically.
    Adapt to changing reporting requirements with minimal effort by letting a software robot do the work.

    Elevate your business potential with ESG Reporting

    Environmental, social, governance (ESG) reporting has the potential to make your organization shine in the eyes of stakeholders such as regulators, investors and financing bodies.  While ESG reporting sounds simple in theory, compliance is complex and it can be very costly and time-consuming to collect the required data.

    Sustainable ESG reporting

    Sustainability and ESG Reporting are top of mind for most businesses.
    One of the main challenges is the data collection since most companies have multiple IT systems typically from several vendors and often these systems are not integrated, and no single data overview exists. This means that many companies are forced to manually collect the vast amounts of data required for ESG reports. This is very time-consuming and expensive. ESG SmartBoard solves this problem by using specially programmed software robots to collect the data and build a digital ESG report. This saves a lot of time, and hassle and enables you to act on the business insights from the BI solution.
    So, you get to comply with the EU regulations and attract new investors at the same time using the user-friendly ESG reporting technology by ESG-SmartBoard!
    ESG-SmartBoard enables enterprises to Process and Visualize Data without traditional IT integration since we use a software robot (RPA) to collect data and realize your business value and ESG reporting through advanced analytics and smart data visualization
    SmartBoard enables your ESG targets and compares to previous periods
    Involve your employees in your ESG activities – by setting local goals and using Robotics to collect the data and present in SmartBoard

    Importance of ESG Reports
    If you have not yet published an ESG Report, it is time you should since these reports are becoming mandatory by 2023 for EU companies with over 500 employees.
    A proper ESG strategy guarantees sustainable business growth, gives businesses valuable insights, and improves employee engagement.
    AI-assisted data collection and visualization
    One of the main ESG-SmartBoard advantages is that it has an AI-assisted data collection technology so that the data is collected super-fast and the exceptionally interactive data visualization of your ESG reports ensures active usage.
    Diverse Data Visualization options
    Almost all the popular data visualizing methods like bar graphs, line graphs, column charts, stacked bar graphs & dual-axis charts can be found in ESG-SmartBoard.

    Data Comparison Capabilities
    In ESG SmartBoard you can compare the performance of ESG parameters over time so you can adjust for seasonal fluctuations and reach the correct conclusions.

    The fast and simple implementation is a very powerful feature of ESG-SmartBoard. The solution can be implemented within a few weeks to a few months.
    All data gathering, storage, and visualization processes are all done in compliance with GDPR rules.
    Our secure cloud-based solution or on-premises deployment of our business intelligence software solution is available.
    The implementation of SmartBoard can either be on-premises or as a cloud solution.
    ESG-SmartBoard is fully integrated with the Digital Worker from Blue prism and the data collection can thus be considered a standard RPA task.
    SmartBoard uses the Digital Worker to transform data into helpful Business Insights, KPI- Reporting, and Automatic ESG Reporting.

    Personalized overview of ESG data

    ESG-SmartBoard creates one single overview of the selected data by using Robots to collect data. This allows you to focus on your area of expertise.

    esg reporting software with a dashboard


    • Your ESG data is automatically collected and visualized in a flexible dashboards
    • Track and trace the performance of each ESG targets
    • The actual ESG-Report is automatically generated and can be edited in word or Powerpoint
    • The drag and drop functionality ensures a very user-friendly experience.


    Access to your personalized dashboard anywhere. Stay tuned on the go with SmartBoard.


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    Use cases

    With SmartBoard you are able to have one single overview of all data without having to create a cumbersome IT project.


    Transform your data directly to the ESG Report.

    We use a Software Robot to collect data from any system – both internal and external. We do not need to make a traditional data integration but can go direct to the source and grab the data. This means a faster and les intrusive process.
    In the ESG-SmartBoard the user can see all the data presented in a personal  interface. Here the user can select which charts should be used in the published report.
    The selected charts is finally presented with the corresponding text in the ESG report.
    The Software Robot updates the  data in near realtime which means  you can publish your ESG report  ongoing and don’t have to wait for the annual reporting cycle.

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    Selected benefits from a SmartBoard implementation:

    • Personal Dashboard

      With ESG-SmartBoard, you can create your own personal visualization of any data in just a few minutes.

    • ESG engagement

      Increase the individual employee commitment to ESG targets by presenting local actionable ESG data in near real-time without having to invest in expensive IT integration

    • Fulfill EU requirement

      From 2023 companies with more than 500 employees must do ESG reporting

    • Software Robots

      The use of RPA to collect data ensures a faster and much more financially attractive solution.

    • Online ESG Dashboard

      By having the ESG reports online you can constantly improve the performance and thus create more sustainable results.

    • Digitalization

      By using a software robot to collect data you free resources and optimize the process.

    • Automatic ESG reporting

      The generation of the ESG reports can be automized fully in ESG-Smartboard.

    • Accelerated Digital Transformation

      One single overview of your ESG data helps organizations to achieve the maximum value out of data.

    • Legacy systems are more sustainable

      For large enterprises, the implementation of RPA software in combination with ESG-SmartBoard allows extending the life of legacy applications by automating their user interfaces and presenting selected legacy information in the ESG Report or business dashboard.

    • Improve data-driven decision-making

      With RPA practically all data can be made available and trends or KPIs can be visualized using the interactive Smartboard this means you can track ESG targets online and don’t have to wait for the annual report before you see the results.

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